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About Our Company
Franklin Machine Co., Inc. was started as a small family startup business in 1990 by Billy Franklin and Rodney Franklin. By providing outstanding service to their customers, Franklin Machine Co., Inc grew year by year, predominantly based on word of mouth from one company to another who heard about their extraordinary service and work.

Franklin Machine Co., Inc. expanded their facilities in 1993, 1998, 2004, and again in 2005. Today the facilities includes many of the traditional machine shop standard machines all the way up to the state of the art robotic welding cells.

Today, Franklin Machine Co., Inc. has facilities that include an 8,000 square foot building and a new 6,000 square foot building.

The skilled staff at Franklin Machine Co., Inc. are fluent in Alibre Design, Bobcad/Cam, and Design Cad and they can create 2D and 3D Solid Model drawings of tooling and machined parts. The company also keeps individual component part drawings of any tooling that is produced on file so that they can give the customers quick and accurate replacement parts in the future, should it ever be needed.

The company accepts electronic drawing files and can present drawings of tooling to customers for review and approval before moving to the machining phase. Fixtures and all metal processing are designed and engineered in-house.
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