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Below are some testimonials from some of our many highly satisfied customers. While Franklin Machine Co., Inc. does not provide customer lists or names online, the names, companies, contact information, and signed referrals for the below companies providing testimonials will be supplied to any prospective customer who would like to follow up with some of our customers in order to validate our outstanding level of customer service and satisfaction. For referral information, contact Rodney at 205-640-7246.

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Rodney Franklin and Franklin Machine as one of the best machine shops I have dealt with in my 18 years as a fabricator. There doesn’t seem to be any task that Rodney and his staff can not tackle. His response time to emergencies and deliveries have always been better than average, and he has added some very impressive pieces of equipment in the last few years. We will continue to give Franklin Machine opportunities to build our tooling, fixtures or machinery.

-Birmingham based Metal Products and Fabrication Company/ President
Dear Rodney:

Since we have been utilizing your tool and die and machinery building services for four years now, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and tell you what a great association it has been.

Your quality, timeliness, attention to detail and “whatever you need, we’ll get done” attitude has been refreshing and appreciated. Your technical experience and varied equipment has been very beneficial to us.

Thank you for this past four years and we know the future will bring an even more satisfying relationship between Franklin Machine Company and our company.

Very sincerely yours,
Birmingham based Products Company/ Production Engineer
I am writing this letter just to say thanks for helping bail us out of the tough situations we have been faced with over the last month. By expediting the die and jig work in such a timely manner as you did, it enabled us to produce our orders on time.

It’s comforting for me to know that there is someone in our immediate area who shows the concern you have of meeting the customer’s needs.

Also I would like to wish ‘you and yours’ a nice holiday season.

Your Truly,
-Birmingham based Industrial Company/ General Manager
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